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About Us
About Us
         Three Rivers in Qinghai Province Ecological Technology Development Co., Ltd., based on the Qinghai-Tibet plateau environmental protection, ecological construction, relying on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau endemic plant resources and local products, the Company in the Northwest branch of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Forestry Research Institute to carry out extensive cooperation in forestry, animal husbandry, Grass, medicine and other business and technology development.

  The company's existing "Gela Dan East," 3,000 acres of nursery stock base, the breeding base 1999 acres, 3 million base GAP rhubarb, licorice base 500 acres, with a registered capital of 11,000,000 yuan. The company's existing 40 employees, of which 4 senior titles, to enjoy a state-level government subsidies, and intermediate grade 6, 5 professional and technical personnel.

     The company's existing professional and technical personnel to cover biotechnology, pharmaceutical development, plant cultivation, breeding, such as trees and grass in the area and a number of professional and Three Rivers in the ecological protection and construction, in the possession and cultivation of medicinal herbs in the field of study, bear part of the provincial and municipal Class-related research projects.

        Both technologies, professional edge, grass seeds and planting materials in the possession of technology development or operation of the market, the transformation capacity, both in Qinghai Province in certain research and development strength.
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