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General Web site to help, "the Qinghai-Tibet" open the specialty market 2008/12/22

Beijing, Mr Lee runs a rare herbal drugs, all kinds of valuable medicinal everything, but the lack of a reliable supplier of Chinese caterpillar fungus. Through friends reminded of Mr. Lee decided to query the Internet. Beijing, Mr Lee runs a rare herbal drugs, all kinds of valuable medicinal everything, but the lack of a reliable supplier of Chinese caterpillar fungus. Through friends reminded of Mr. Lee decided to online inquiries, in the address column type "Chinese caterpillar fungus," the word was that he would like to see the emergence of the screen, the vast snow-covered plateau passes a magic stalls, is the snow-capped mountains in Qinghai-Tibet Resources Development Co., Ltd. web page.

According to the on-line contact, Mr. Lee has made a detailed consultation and communication, the final decision on the purchase of a number of test products to sell. Today, the business has become a stable supplier of Lee, in addition to Chinese caterpillar fungus, and other business products, a variety of specific areas of the Qinghai-Tibet Road, precious medicinal Green Bay, Pui furnace (Yushu), rhubarb, saffron, and so on have also entered the Lee President of herbal drugs, and sales stability.

Chinese caterpillar fungus, highland barley wine by the "domain-day road" to open markets

According to the snow-capped mountains of the Qinghai-Tibet Resources Development Co., Ltd. Sales Manager Mr. Han, since the Companies Registry website general, "Chinese caterpillar fungus", Chinese caterpillar fungus on the sale of a substantial improvement, and led the company's other product sales. As the product quality and stability, and won all over the country, and even many customers at home and abroad. Mr. Han said: "Now is not the kind of 'wine alley deep fear of' the times, even the best product to use if there is no good marketing tool, even in the face of strong demand user base, can only be discouraged. Our company Through network marketing in order to the world. GM Web site can be called 'domain-day road' "

In Qinghai, there are a lot of companies are marketing network to sell products all over the world. Qinghai highland barley wine such as mutual Co., Ltd., while its yield highland barley wine production has been 400 years of history and geographical origin of products subject to protection. Although the product has been suffering but could not find good sales in 2004, they signed up for general Web site, "highland barley wine", like any on-line to find the source of highland barley wine merchants in the address bar as long as the importation of "highland barley wine" on the three words Be able to direct the company's website, product sales from rising.

Ruentex travel agencies registered in the province of "Tour of Qinghai", "Qinghai traveling by car," the GM Web site, has also received effect quickly. "This year in June have 6 foreign travel agencies and take the initiative to contact us through the address bar entered into the 'Tour of Qinghai' We found, of which 5 transactions, the effect on advertising than before, a lot of good." Travel agent, told reporters .

It is only by virtue of GM at a number of businesses a unique advantage. Reporters at the China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) organized by the "growth of navigation, the site cited in the future" - Qinghai Internet applications business summit forum, understand that many companies in our province will focus on marketing locked in a common web site, such as Our province's well-known Jinhe Tibetan Medicine Group, snow three scaphoid Cashmere Group companies have been registered in their own words for the brand's general Web site, and point to the company's Web site, products from the Internet into the country and the world at large.

Web site links to general resources, the snow-covered

The mysterious Qinghai-Tibet Plateau is not just because it is the world's highest, is another important reason is because it contains a wealth of resources, such as the Qaidam Basin is located in the eastern part of Salt Lake Chaerhan, magnesium chloride storage capacity of more than 30 Million tons, ranks first in the nation, accounting for 74% of magnesium resources. In the fierce market competition, the province's enterprises to make full use of network marketing and convenient means of a variety of natural resources will be shifted to the Internet.

Early in 2007, in the western Qinghai Magnesium Technology Development Co., Ltd. in the Qaidam Basin area Chaerhan Tuan Jie Hu began building 50,000 tons / year high purity magnesium oxide product of the industrial production installations. In order to promote the company to increase sales and increase cooperation in investment, on-line network under the joint action, the General Lee's initiative to expand the use of the Internet address of the known resources, to filter terms, the registration of "Qinghai Magnesium", "high-magnesium oxide Hydrogen" and "high Pure lithium carbonate, "" Salt Lake Magnesium "General Web site, to be effective.

CNNIC Qinghai certified GM Web site registration services - Xining joint electronic information network Co., Ltd. FAN Wei-hua, general manager, told reporters, "just like a common site of the Qinghai-Tibet railway network, one-on-one with GM Web site, the precise set of words, More interception opportunities for networking features such as marketing, not only for our province's business development ray spring, but also in promoting economic development in the western region has played an active role. "In recent years, the marketing network of fire continued throughout the country Spread, more and more aware of the network marketing business. The Web site has a general nature only and scarcity of sex, and the registration of its ownership of the right to always adhere to the "first come, first served" principle. Therefore not registered general corporate Web site should act as soon as possible, so that preventive measures.
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