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"Climate change, biodiversity and nature reserves to protect the seminar" held in the Green 2008/12/22

November 29 to December 1, China Environmental Science Research Institute in the city of Xining in Qinghai Province held a "climate change, biodiversity and nature reserves to protect the seminar." Conference to explore fully the world, China's Qinghai-Tibet Plateau and climate change the status quo and trends of climate change on biodiversity impact of the vulnerability and adaptation, nature reserves and the technology to adapt to climate change measures, environmental monitoring and adaptation to climate change the relationship. At the same time, also "understand the nature reserve to adapt to climate change, biodiversity and nature reserves to adapt to climate change and the need to pay attention to the issues, mechanisms for future work" on issues such as a lively discussion. The meeting reached consensus in many areas. ASTRI Central Science and Technology Department, Han Mei, the first climate researcher at the Center for Gao Qing, Wu Jianguo, an associate research fellow and graduate students, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Environment and Sustainable Development Research Institute Dr. Xu Yinlong, the Qinghai Meteorological and Environmental Protection Agency chief engineer of the Qinghai Province, Qinghai Environmental Monitoring Center station, the Qilian Mountain Nature Reserve in Gansu Province, Gansu Anxi Nature Reserve, Taibai Mountain Nature Reserve in Shaanxi, Qinghai Sanjiangyuan nature reserve in Qinghai Lake nature reserve and associated with the leadership of the technical staff, the Northwest Agriculture and Forestry University of Science and Technology and the University of Qinghai Teachers and students, Qilian County of Qinghai Environmental Protection Agency technicians, and so on more than 30 people attended the meeting.
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