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Qinghai Sanjiangyuan ecological protection and construction projects 2009/2/10

- Actions cast Chiaki Albert

Qinghai News Network inquiry

     Qinghai-Tibet Plateau uplift, gave birth to the beautiful very unique high altitude wetlands. "China's water tower" source of life, nourishing the middle and lower reaches of the vast basin of land, showing a large US-Qinghai infinite charm.
     Standing on the Qinghai Plateau, concerns Sanjiangyuan head, we "Sanjiangyuan ecological protection and construction projects" such as Albert forever touched by the shock, but also because of the construction process has been a progress of exciting new breakthroughs inspired.
     Qinghai Sanjiangyuan ecological protection and construction of the CPC Central Committee, the State Council and provincial government under the correct leadership of the relevant departments in the National Development and Reform Commission, under the guidance of the specific project to the competent departments, the construction unit and project implementation of local Party committees at all levels Government and the cadres, engineering and technical personnel, research personnel and the masses of all ethnic groups, work together, and do solid work, construction has made new progress and new breakthroughs, ecological legislation provincial strategy underlines the profound meaning of the well-being of the people.
     In accordance with the "Nature Reserve in Qinghai Sanjiangyuan overall ecological protection and construction planning", the provincial departments and regional co-operation, especially in the project area the broad participation of the cadres and masses, the "planning" identified more than 20 full implementation of the project, in-depth promote the implementation of more than three years have achieved initial results. 2005-2008, 3360 completion of the project grazing ban mu mu fence 182.68 closing hillsides to facilitate afforestation, returning farmland to forests 9.81 million mu, governance Black Beach 14.6 million mu, 8122 mu of land and so on rodent prevention and control, engineering, implementation of vegetation coverage has been significantly restored, at present, the project coverage area water conservation function initial recovery, "China's water tower" function has increased, known as "thousands of Lake County," the first source of the Yellow River County - Maduo County, but also started showing scattered with lakes, magnificent sparkling beauty. At the same time, through the grazing ban, grazing removal, rodent control, closing hillsides to facilitate afforestation, black beach management, desertification, land management, soil and water conservation, such as the implementation of the project, the implementation of the project area grassland deterioration slowed down, the effect of vegetation restoration初显; through small towns building, construction, livestock, farming and animal husbandry science and technology training, drinking water, energy, building the implementation of the project has greatly improved the production of farmers and herdsmen living conditions, to broaden employment channels, an increase of income; through IT training, energy-building, grazing relocation, construction, livestock, such as the implementation of the project and promoted the process of urbanization has accelerated the secondary and tertiary industries to develop and promote the vast number of cadres and the masses of peasants and herdsmen ideas change, Sanjiangyuan area of social stability, the people live and work in peace.
     Score did not come easily, sweat Score afloat.
     Last year alone, the provincial government to convene a special meeting on several occasions to study the deployment of project implementation, annual work clear mission and objectives, timely sum up experience, solid strong complement weak, for the engineering and construction, creating favorable conditions for scientific advance. Over the past year, the provincial Development and Reform Commission, the Provincial Office and the provincial Sanjiangyuan relevant departments and the implementation of the project area is to overcome difficulties, seize the opportunity, seize the day, carefully organized and scientific implementation of amendments to improve the pre-work program, an active role in coordinating construction investment , pay attention to exert the advantages of experts, standardize project review procedures, all projects seek to make deep meticulous preparatory work. In the project mid-term evaluation process, the various units and departments collaborating fully with commentary in the construction side of reform, the reform in the sought results, further improve the integrated management of capacity and building level. At the same time, an early stage hands, the preparation of "ecological protection Sanjiangyuan National Comprehensive Experimental Zone" program, Sanjiangyuan greatly accelerated the pace of development projects, ecological protection projects Sanjiangyuan Qinghai venture has become a less developed regions to achieve sustainable development success major practical activities.
     Since the implementation of the project, the provincial government to Sanjiangyuan ecological protection and construction projects referred to on the agenda, as a top priority. Qiang Wei provincial party secretary, governor of Song Xiuyan numerous in-depth implementation of the project first-line inspection, guidance and research;徐福顺vice governor, Deng Bentai, Zhang Guangrong towards construction of first-line, on-site office, coordination and timely implementation of difficult to resolve; Provincial People's Congress Research Group Provincial People's Political Consultative Conference research groups have rushed to all project areas, field trips, on-site guidance. In accordance with the provincial government "ecological legislation the provincial government" development strategy, in accordance with the requirements of the scientific concept of development, the province next to ecological protection and construction as an important duty, and further formed the upper and lower linkage, together the work of posture, a strong impetus to a sustained and rapid development of construction projects. In order to Sanjiangyuan ecological protection and construction of various tasks to better implement, provincial Sanjiangyuan run by the provincial government commissioned with the state (city) People's Government and the provincial departments have also signed the annual goal of project construction responsibility , Party style and clean government responsibility goals. Party committees at all levels the project area, the Government and relevant departments under the Provincial Assessment Office in a timely manner decomposition, detailed objectives, focus on the responsibility of the main functions, to strengthen the responsibility to implement; states (cities) and counties Sanjiangyuan do to overcome difficulties and make every effort to coordinate the implementation of annual goals and tasks, and ensure the steady progress of engineering construction. Sanjiangyuan Province Office also developed a specialized "Sanjiangyuan ecological protection and construction projects in 2008 acceptance of supervision and inspection work program" to further strengthen project management and supervision and inspection. Provincial departments in accordance with their division of labor, on projects to implement the "normal" and "weather" supervision and inspection, effectively improve the level of project management and construction quality.
     Project implementation process, continuous improvement and supporting the rules and regulations for the construction of scientific development has provided a powerful guarantee. Especially in 2008, closely surrounding the study and practice in our province the scientific concept of development activities, the establishment of project implementation supervision of long-term mechanism, the implementation of the project's monthly bulletin, the preparation of the project construction records management protocols. Traversed an extraordinary 2008, Sanjiangyuan ecological protection and construction of the annual goal of full completion of the mission, no doubt the economic and social development in Qinghai had a positive impact. This year, the central issue the project a new 300 million yuan of special funds, grazing the relocation of 41.71 million yuan of investment, plus the 2007 carry-over to 2008 the implementation of specific investment projects in Central 216,020,000 yuan, 184,000,000 yuan ban projects, four Total of 741.73 million yuan. Provincial government to determine the mission objectives of the project was as follows: completed in 2007 carried over to this year's project investment 216,020,000 yuan, completed in 2008 issued a new part of the investment 110 million yuan project, totaling 320 million yuan. As of the end of December last year, completed a total of 525,425,000 yuan investment Sanjiangyuan works, completed over the provincial government to determine the annual objectives and tasks. With the completion of construction investment synchronization is complete the 31.1 million mu of closing hillsides to facilitate afforestation, desertification control 13.03 million mu, with a focus of wetlands 5 million mu, 11.6 mu governance Beach black ... ...
     Up to now, Sanjiangyuan ecological protection and construction projects since the launch of the special issue has a total investment 2,431,400,000 yuan, total investment 2,215,090,000 yuan, accounting for 91% down investment.
     In the project implementation process, the province also adhere to the "relying on the project and seeking truth from facts, because of training, people training" principle, pay close attention to scientific and technological training. 2008 year, on a cumulative training management cadres and 1,200 professional and technical personnel, training of farmers and herdsmen 2490 people, 1620 people converting pastoralists, supporting 133 science and technology demonstration households. And through extensive media coverage for the construction of the scientific development provides a powerful public opinion support. By deepening the education, strengthen management, to further strengthen the province's self-building Sanjiangyuan system.
     Time flies, unforgettable in 2008 is over. Embark on a new journey, the CPC Central Committee, the State Council and provincial government under the strong leadership of, adapt to the ecological civilization construction times call for, Qinghai will be the momentum on the Sanjiangyuan ecological protection and construction projects continue to push forward, in order to the construction of civilized and harmonious well-off to make new contributions to the new Qinghai.
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